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Phedra Evo. The right time.
14 September 2021

Phedra Evo is the The Saeco Professional machine dedicated to your work.


From the office to small restaurants, thanks to its reliability and design with attention to every detail, Phedra Evo combines the taste of traditional espresso with the beauty of an all-Italian creation.


With just one touch, you can experience the pleasure of savoring your favorite beverage, choosing from those preset directly from the capacitive keyboard - but also customizing your preferences for your location.


Designed and built in Italy by skilled hands, Phedra Evo is a professional bean-to-cup machine that will support you, always guaranteeing the highest quality of dispensing, thanks to the fine grinding of the beans and the rich cream of milk-based drinks, even fresh in the dedicated version. 


To make every day a good day.


Phedra Evo, the right time.

Discover the technical characteristics of Phedra Evo on the Saeco Professional website >>

La machine à café Aulika est dotée de la fonction 
« One Touch » et prépare automatiquement des cappuccino et des latte macchiato grâce à un cappuccinatore nouvelle génération...




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